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ANNOUNCEMENT: Database Benchmark is moved to GitHub.

The project is now located at

We have decided to move the Database Benchmark project completely to GitHub.


  • Contributions to the project will be accepted there.
  • We are using GitHub Issues for both discussions and bugs.
  • We will keep uploading the stable releases here.

Please visit our website at for the latest information about the project.


Project Description
Database Benchmark is one of the most powerfull open source tools designed to stress test database management systems with large data flows.

The application performs two main test scenarios:

- Insertion of large amount of randomly generated records with sequential or random keys;
- Read of the inserted records, ordered by their keys.

Database Benchmark is a stress test tool; it is not a complex performance measuring tool.

It measures the following basic parameters:

  • Write speed – the insert or update speed of all generated records (with sequential or random keys);
  •  Read speed – the read speed of all inserted records ordered by their key;
  • Size – the database size after insert and read complete.

Every tested database system must be capable of performing this simple tests - insert the generated records and read them twice, ordered by their keys.

We chose this test scenario because it is a widespread task in many real-time systems – telecoms, stock exchanges, SCADA/HMI, large observation and modeling systems etc.

To perform the tests each database can use all of its capabilities – local settings, caches, special optimizations and etc.

Currently we have implemented over 25 databases – SQL, NoSQL, embedded and server solutions. Note that we have no intent to collate SQL vs. NoSQL databases, we just want to show how each of them can be used to solve the defined task.

We do not pretend that the currently provided implementations are the best possible. If you can propose better ones or if you want to add another database, contribute to our project in GitHub.

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